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Fulfillment Coaching

Hi, I’m Bernice Fabi.  I’m a fulfillment coach for women.

​I love life! 

I have always had a keen interest in personal development and spirituality; dreaming of becoming a family or child psychologist as a teen.  My life path didn’t lead me in that direction but the thought never let go.  Instead, life became my university.  Feeling like I needed to be responsible for myself straight out of high school, I embarked on a path in banking and business lending.  Pretty far off path, I know.  Entrepreneurship, complementing my husband’s path, became the next logical step.  Team management was largely the role of my career and the highlight of our business ventures together.  

Far ahead of any business highlight though is working with our family team of two beautifully different daughters and my energetic husband.  Working in business and raising a family together presents challenges in itself.  Several years ago we felt optimistic about our future, then sadly because of world events, saw it crumble.  It was at that time when I really looked inside, painfully so, and realized I was not the person and role model I hoped to be for my kids in their adolescent years

Life coaching

New feelings that emerged from the crumble of our life investments were radically different from occasional introvert awkwardness.  I felt angry, broken, afraid, and hopeless.  I pursued life coaching with the Jay Shetty Certification School and the hours of reflection became a means to help me escape my rut.  As I journaled about my fear and regret, I let out the pain and tears.  As I coached others and received tremendous coaching myself, I also came to realize how coaching was aligned with my dream.

My family noticed a difference in me and the way I interacted with them.  I had officially come back full circle to that starting point years ago.  I do believe, and it’s the spiritual part of me, that our lives take us on a journey that we never expect but challenges us to make us stronger.  Only when we surrender to the journey will we arrive on the ultimate path that we are meant to be on. The ability to overcome adversity rests, not necessarily on circumstance, but rather every thread of being at peace with ourselves, determination, and our effort to rise up.  I believe everyone has that ability to overcome any life situation with guidance, a change of perspective, and perseverance.

So a little about the fun side of me.  I am also mom to five fur babies: two barking and three meowing.  In the warmer months, you will see me in my rubber boots poking around our acreage and pulling weeds.  I love daylilies.  

Our family has created great memories as a family experiencing other cultures while traveling.   I equally love walking on a beach, camping, dog sledding or eating gelato at a favourite cafe in Rome (several times a day).  



Bernice Fabi Life and Fulfillment Coach

Toastmasters has also been a big part of my life as has been community support.  Creating healthy meals and lifting weights are other passions of mine. Homefront adventures include anything outdoors including kayaking, mountain biking, cross country skiing and taking long trail walks. The beauty of nature provides peace for my soul.

My wish for you is this . . . May you have the opportunity to find what feeds your soul and makes you most alive in this beautiful world that we live in.  May you discover and conquer what holds you back.  May you find your own inner peace and joy!

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